Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: I have a game plan for tomorrow and had a couple more questions...but let me just tell you, I AM SUPER EXCITED =]

1)at cvs the ad shows band-aid brand prices starting at $1.00 and I have a $1.00 off its free? (and just pay tax) ...i know it's probably a simple answer, but its weird wrapping my mind around free lol!

Me: Yep, but use your coupon in the trial size area for the $1 stuff. In fact there is a Johnson and Johnson band aid kit in a plastic box that sells for $1 in the trial size area... get that!

Coupon Clipper: 2)I also found a manufacturer coupon for $4.00 off schick intuition plus cvs its $8.99 with a $4.00 ecb, combined with my coupon I actually pay 99cents?? is that really true/correct/accurate? ...still in shock!

Me: You will pay $4.99 cash + $4 coupon- then you will get $4 ecb's back at the end of your transaction.

Coupon Clipper: 3)say the ad offers $5 ecb when I spend $15 on neutrogena products... do i have to make the $15 purchase in one transaction, or can it be... say... three separate $5 transactions before deadline that my cvs card will keep track of AND THEN I get the $5ecb?

Me: You can do as many transactions as you need to- to get up to $15 in products throughout the week. Your Extra Care Card tracks your spending for you.... actually the bottom of your receipt will tell you how much more you need to spend to get to a particular reward!

Coupon Clipper: 4)at Walgreen's the ad says nivea body wash $4.99-$4.99 register rewards = FREE ...i have a $1.00 coupon, would I still get the register rewards? ...they basically pay me $1.00?

Me: Yep! I LOVE being paid to shop!!!

Coupon Clipper: I am super excited to hit the stores tomorrow!!

Me: YAY! Girl, you have the BUG! Get out there and SAVE!!!