Thursday, March 26, 2009

Telling the Truth

I have decided to try my hand at scoring some coupons via customer service.

I have had a few rough run-ins with products, and after calling the company's 800 number I have received (and will receive) some great coupons--- even FREEBIES!!!

My son is on a yogurt kick right now and when I peeled open the wrapper to offer this to him I was totally sicked out by the amount of fluid on the top of the yogurt.

I kindly spoke with a Customer Care rep. who informed me that it was normal to have a little bit of 'whey' - healthy stuff, on the top of any yogurt, but mine sounded extreme as I explained it to her. She offered to send me some coupons including a FREEBIE replacement! Yay!

I had a run-in with Huggies diapers as well. During the Walgreen's mega deal I picked up a package of diapers with a peelable something on the package. When I got home, I peeled it to find that it was a sweepstakes entry for a sweep that needed to be postmarked by 6/30/06... I was on my honeymoon on that date... no baby yet!!!!!

The Huggies Customer Care rep. assured me that the diapers, while who knows where they were for 3 years... were sealed and fine to use- but she still sent me 4 great coupons for calling in.

After finding a hair (which totally sicks me out) in a Nutigrain bar I called Customer Care. I received two coupons for complimentary boxes.

And just yesterday I opened two packages of Kraft shredded mozzarella cheese to make my world famous Alfredo sauce. The slider package sealers on both packaged just popped right off when I went to slide them open. I called Customer Care and I will be receiving tw0 coupons for FREE packages (up to $4.99).

Honesty is the BEST policy... I'm always going to tell the truth!