Friday, March 27, 2009

Grocery Shopping at Meijer

Grocery Total: $95.86
Spent: $32.95 & Saved: $62.91
36 Coupons used
15 FREE items
*** The heavy cream and Craisins are NOT part of this total...
they were from Costco for $14.08

WOW! I had no idea heading into the store that I head out with so much meat! I scored so many great 40% off meat deals.

*2 whole chickens @ $3.24 & $3.33
*4 pounds of Angus ground beef at $2 a pound
*2 slabs of ribs @ $4.24 & $4.30 (woo hoo for Dave)

I asked for 2 rain checks for the Lysol sale last week. I used my rain checks because the products were back in stock, I used manufacturer coupons and Lysol coupons found on the Meijer mealbox site- scoring all of my Lysol products for FREE + overage... and rebates!!!

By stacking my Lysol coupons I was able to make $2.25 in coupon overage in my first (large) transaction. And I spent my second rain check and coupons for just 4 Lysol products in my second transaction- earning me $.34 in change... yup, they PAID me!

The even better part of this deal is that I can mail in my receipts to Lysol to receive a $3 rebate per transaction (my house and my parents address!).

FREE + $2.59 in store + $6 in rebates!
I definitely *cleaned* up!!!