Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Saturday Shopping

Grocery Total: $100.69
Spent: $24 even & Saved: $76.69
15 Coupons used

Run to your Meijer today!!! Once, maybe twice a month Meijer hosts a Super Saturday Sale 6am - midnight. Sometimes the sales are worth hitting and sometimes not. Today is one of the good days.

Among other sales items, Tyson frozen chicken breasts are on sale $3.99 for 40 ounces (2.5 pounds). I had six coupons for $1 off (from six Sunday papers) and so I was able to purchase 6 bags for $2.99 each... or just over $1 per pound for boneless/skinless - a near unheard of price these days. Did I mention that these bags normally sell for $9.99?

I also picked up some 16 oz packages of cheese... 1/2 off, so less than the regular sized 8oz price + I used $.75 coupons that I picked up at Kroger at a Blinkie machine a few weeks ago! Yay!

I scored the lotion for $.25 a bottle since I had coupons and they were half off with today's sale.

Are you heading out to Meijer today?



Hey Laura! I was at the coupon party last night! ( the one with the loud little girl! :) )
so excited to start saving! Thanks for all the info!

Laura Webber

Hi Erin, my pleasure... you mean Madelyn... the adorable little girl!


Laura I totally ran out to Meijer after reading this with only about 2 hours left of the sale. They were out of chicken unfortuantely but I did get lotion for $.25, sweet!!! Oh and I got great deals on diapers and wipes. So thanks for posting this:-)

Laura Webber

Hi Gina,
So sorry about the late posting of this deal... I had just worked it out myself... I will try to get better about posting these deals ahead of time! Did you get a rain check on the chicken?