Sunday, March 15, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: I earned RR at Walgreen's on two separate items last week. I went to use them on a 3rd item this week and was told I can't use 2 RR for one that true?

I earned ECB's using my card this morning and my husbands's card this afternoon. When I spend them do they need to be spent using the correct card? I also found an ECB on the ground near my car (how CRAZY am I getting now?!)....but of course it wasn't earned using my card....can I still spend it?

Me: Some Walgreen's store employees think that only one RR (Register Reward) can be used per transaction- when RR's are actually a Manufacturer's coupon for FREE money on your next purchase. Each item sold is allowed to have one Manufacturer's coupon per item. Next time an employee tells you that, ask them to try scanning the RR and it should scan. Most likely the employee was trying to keep his/her register from beeping.

CVS's Extra Care Cards are specifically marked with a series of numbers that are identical to the numbers that print on your ECB's (Extra Care Bucks). Your ECB's AND your coupons earned by scanning your card, are specific to only that card and so you may not use them with another card. Bummer for the person who lost their ECB's!