Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Be On The Lookout!!!

Most grocery stores have a special location for us Bargainista's... CLEARANCE!!!

I call these the use or lose foods (actually it is the use or freeze date). I have scored apples (for making homemade applesauce), bananas (for banana bread) and even lettuce for that nights salad- all at rock bottom prices!

Keep your eyes open to other grocery store deals... in the bread and meat sections as well.

I try to grocery shop earlier in the morning (9ish) or later in the evening (9ish) to score some sweet meat deals.

I may purchase 10 pounds of ground beef with a use or lose bright orange sticker on it. When I get home I will brown all 10 pounds in a stock pot (just getting my kitchen messy ONCE) and I will separate the meat into (10) 1 pound Ziploc packages and freeze. When we decide to make a meal it is far easier to micro the already cooked meat and make taco's, chili, spaghetti or other meals from.

When I purchase fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts with the buy or freeze sticker I place enough chicken for my family to eat for one meal in a Ziploc bag and then I add a marinade. Adding the marinade does two things: a) flavors your chicken while it is freezing and while it is thawing. b) all of the air can be easily squeezed out of the Ziploc reducing the risk of freezer burn.

I actually LOVE getting my meat 40% off, repackaging saves TONS of precious space in my freezer and making dinner faster than usual... now that's priceless!!!