Tuesday, March 3, 2009

From My Readers...

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: ever had this happen? Walgreen's just paid me .79 (yes actual cash!) to walk out of their store with stuff.

My cart:
2 reach toothbrushes
1 reach dental floss
1 Colgate max fresh toothpaste
1 bottle of peroxide

My total came to $2.50 after coupons I expected a Register Reward to print for the toothpaste of $3.29 and it didn't print.

I asked the cashier about it and found it in the paper and he called for a manager. The manager took me to another register and asked to look at my receipt. He looked at it and said it didn't print because my coupons were in excess of what I paid but he said since I did buy the toothpaste that I deserved the RR and he would give it to me.

I was expecting him to refund the toothpaste and re ring it up so that it would print out but instead he handed me $3.29 cash. Can't beat making actual cash on a shopping trip!! Love it!

Me: I LOVE when this happens, although it is very rare!

Once I was handed a $10 bill, which I tucked into a corner of my wallet for a rainy day!