Wednesday, March 4, 2009

For my diapering community:

If you like Huggies diapers, then don't miss the SPECTACULAR deal next week at Walgreen's.

After printing the $5 Huggies coupon (read just a few posts back) clip and save for the BIG sale!!!

Huggies diapers will be on sale for $10 per package, and jumbo wipes refills will be on sale for $6.
When you spend $25 you will earn $10 in Register Rewards.

Here is how I personally am going to purchase my diapers:

1. I am going to purchase 3 tubes on Colgate (THIS WEEK) and use a $1.50 coupon - three separate transactions. This week's Colgate sale is buy one tube for $3.29 and receive a Register Reward for $3.50. So if I invest $5.17 (after coupons) this week, I will have $10.50 to spend next week.

2. I have purchased a small activity book (located at the pharmacy) for $.99 and it has Walgreen's store coupons in there- including a coupon for $1 Huggies. To the best of my knowledge, these coupons can be used over and over again since they a Walgreen's coupons and not manufacturer's.

3. I am planning to purchase 2 packages of diapers and one of wipes.

Diapers $10/each = $20
Wipes $6/ each =$6
Total $26.

I will use (2) $5 Huggies manufacturer coupons -$10
I will have my Huggies coupon from the activity book scanned -$2
I will use (3) $3.50 Register Rewards -$10.50

$26 - $22.50 = $3.50.

***Walgreen's allows you to use 1 manufacturer coupon per item... BUT, did you know that Register Rewards count as a manufacturer coupon? Yep, its true!

Walgreen's store coupons DO NOT count towards your manufacturer coupon limits.

So, in planning my purchase of Huggies for next week:

*My two Huggies manufacturer coupons count as the mani's for my diapers.

*I will skip using a $.50 manufacturer coupon for the wipes, so that I can attach one of my three Register Rewards to the wipes.

*And I have to purchase two more items that I DO NOT plan on using a manufacturer's coupon towards.

So... here is the final financial breakdown....

This week, invest $5.20
Next week, spend $3.50
Total invested $8.70

Receive a $10 Register Reward...

Alright friends- lets make some $$$ on diapers!!!

You in?



This looks like a great deal and I am trying to understand how to do it. The only Colgate $1.50 coupon I have is for the Colgate Total, and the RR are not for that. Is there another coupon out there? Also wuld it work to buy the Blink eye drops for $7.99, use the $2 coupon and use the $7.99 RR from those for the Huggies? It's less RR you have to use and maybe you could use the Wipe coupon then? Not sure if I am making sence, I think I am confusing myself.

Laura Webber

Actually, that coupon seems to work on any colgate toothpaste.

You could use any RR for the Huggies deal next week, I just don't use the Blink product in my house.

I understood you train of thought....