Thursday, March 12, 2009

February/March Donations

After being out of town for the last two weeks in February and coming home pretty sick, I just couldn't get my donations together... until today!

Here are my items to donate that I have been collecting for the past six weeks. Due to the HUGE number of tubes of toothpaste, hair care items and glucose monitors my total donations are $1,185. Yay!

Year to date Community Sharing donations: $1,835!
Year to date tubes of toothpaste donated to CS: 154!

If you think that you cannot donate, start with the FREE items that are easily collected, such as toothpaste. This month's donation is a collection of mostly FREE items. I only spent $16.50 + tax on all of these items! I actually even made $58 in store rewards! It is awesome to be able to help other struggling families while still maintaining my own families budget.



W-O-W! That's wonderful (literally)!