Friday, March 20, 2009

Cottonelle Update

Sorry to have to relay this message...

In my local area (SE Michigan) Kroger has pulled the 4 single roll packages of Cottenelle toilet paper from the shelves. Sad. No more FREE TP.

I have investigated and it seems that Kroger had been receiving an influx of illegal IP (Internet printable) coupons. The companies that host online coupon printing have made it possible to ONLY print two coupons per computer so that the manufacturer's are able to monitor how many coupons could potentially be redeemed. If we could legally print as many coupons as we'd like to have then stores' shelves would always be empty.

Photocopying/scanning coupons actually hurts all of us, like with the lack of 4 pack Cottonelle's at Kroger. If this is something that you are currently doing, please stop. Sheepishly I'll admit that I did this twice when I first started couponning- I had no idea that it was wrong. I still feel guilty!

Using a scanned/copied coupon is actually considered coupon fraud and can get you in some really big trouble. Kroger has actually been left footing the bill on many packages of Cottonelle, as the manufacturer can refuse to reimburse the store for accepting fraudulent coupons.

Receiving FREEBIES at the manufacturer's known expense is awesome!!! Otherwise, just play by the coupons rules!



Ditto on the Kroger in Brighton. No more 4-packs. :(


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