Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tips & Tricks

Choosing Head Lettuce

We are planning a taco dinner and prefer head lettuce to use as a topping for our tacos. I get frustrated when my head of lettuce is mostly white lettuce leaves. I have found a few tricks to ensuring that my lettuce is the pick of the patch...

1. I look for a head of lettuce that has dark green leaves on the outside.

2. I skip over any heads of lettuce that look wilty on the outside.

3. I weigh the heads of lettuce in my hands- looking for the lightest head of lettuce. Dark green leaves weigh a lot less than the water filled white leaves.

***Also, when getting ready to slice into your lettuce- if you pound the stem into the counter first all of the leaves will detach from the inner stem and you can easily get to all of the best parts of the lettuce.