Thursday, February 19, 2009

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Learning Process
Coupon Clipper:
I went into Meijer yesterday to do my weekly shopping I had coupons for many of the $1 items on sale this week and did really well - but could have done a little bit better with some forethought.

I got 4 boxes of Green Giant veggies for free (after 50cent coupons), I got 2 boxes of pizza rolls free (after $1.00 on 2 coupon) and I got lots of fresh veggies for $1 each and 2 free items after buying 20 items.

I only spent $27 on actual groceries and I saved $35!

I also had bought a couple of non-grocery things that we needed and I thought I had enough spent to use the $8 register reward on a $100 purchase, but my total came to $97.

The cashier said I couldn't use the coupon. So I just put in back in my coupon box.

On the way out of the store it hit me that I should have just grabbed $3 worth of items from near the register and added them to my purchase and I could have still saved $5 extra dollars over all (getting 3 candy bars or whatever for free). Oops!

Oh well, Live and learn I guess! I won't let that happen again :)
Thanks for all you do and all your help

Me: It pretty much just takes one thought like the one you had- to cause you to rethink another aspect of your shopping!

I used to think that the gum and candy selection at the register was my enemy. But I too have changed my thinking. This is especially true for me with my CVS shopping! When I have just a bit of overage as the total for my bill (ex: -$.56) then I just grab a pack of gum and pay just a few cents for my entire purchase (ex: $.08) and that's just great with me!!!

I actually have a "gum drawer" near our front door and I offer friends and family FREE gum when they come to visit... they LOVE it!

Or sometimes I opt to 'buy' candy and I bring it to the Technical Arts guys on Sunday morning at church ( and they especially LOVE me on those mornings!!!

You are right, Live and Learn!

And just for the record... I LOVE when Meijer does the 10 for $10 sale with the 11th item FREE!
I am currently in the Land of Piggly Wiggly, Bi-Lo and Publix- and I am sad to miss such a super sale!