Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: I have a question about Walgreen's easy saver book. Do you need to cut the coupons out? There is a coupon for pert to save $1.50. It is "on sale" less the coupon it's $1.99. I have a bunch of coupons for $1.50 off. I want to buy several bottles at $.49.... Will they accept the easy saver coupon multiple times.?? (it does say 'limit 1 item per coupon'.)

Me: Remember my Garnier transaction... the 46 FREE hair care items...

I 'bought' the first 25 bottles at the same time in one giant transaction. I had the Easy Saver catalogue coupon scanned (you do not need to clip these coupons) and then I handed over my 25 manufacturer's coupons. Boda Boom Boda Bing... out the door.

Then I found two more manufacturer coupons- so I went back for another kill. This time I had a very picky cashier who made me use my coupons (in conjunction with the Easy Saver) one per transaction because the ES catalogue stated one per transaction. I knew that the register would allow more than one per transaction and that she didn't know what the register was capable of- but I rolled with her punches instead of making waves... I was visiting an unfamiliar store- and I just didn't really care.

So, it may just depend on your cashier, and paying individually saves you just as much money- it just costs you a little bit more time. Happy shopping!!!

*Personally, I am often guilty of not reading the fine print on the bottom of my coupons. Most coupons are clip and spend and so I normally just take that easyness as a given for all coupons.

For example, I never read that the Garnier Easy Saver coupon was one per transaction... so when I bought 25 at once and it went through I was thrilled. It wasn't until the picky cashier pointed it out that I knew the rule. Live and learn!