Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: I see from your blog you are getting lots of questions, so I hope you don't mind this one! My question is about the Walgreen's rebates this month.

I had read on one blog that the rebates for the Revlon makeup were "money makers" so I definitely didn't want to miss out. I guess I don't really understand how these make you money, it seems more like you break even...which, don't get me wrong, is great!

I went and bought the lip gloss and I had a two dollar off coupon, so it was a little over $6. The rebate goes up to $10, and the cashier said I would get the amount back that I spent in the rebate. So basically I am getting it for free, not making money.

Am I missing something here?

Also, the Revlon foundation that is promoted for a rebate is over the $10 limit...I think it was nearly $13. So I would need a coupon to get it down to $10 to truly get it for free right? And again, is there a way to make money here that I don't see?

Thanks, my coupon friend! :)

Me: I see where you are looking, the front page of this week's flyer.

The Ad states that $9.99 is the SALE price not the regular store pricing. If you purchase one of these Revlon products you will spend $9.99 (plus tax) and you will receive $9.99 (no rebate on tax) back in either a check or a Walgreen's gift card.

I MAKE money when I use a coupon. Since you used a $2 Revlon coupon- you only spent $7.99 on your product and you will receive $9.99 back in your rebate. Walgreen's has no way of tracking whether or no you used a coupon with your purchase, so you will receive the full rebate.

(I'm not sure what you mean by the lip gloss getting down to $6. The lip gloss that I see (and bought) was for $9.99.) Did you purchase the correct item?

Coupon Lady Snippet:
Store rebates (like Rite Aid & Walgreen's) give you the full purchase price in your rebate- regardless of if you used a coupon or not.

Manufacturer rebates will give you the money that you paid. Or at least what they can tell that you have paid. I recently sent away for a rebate on a box of cereal. My purchase price was $2.49, but my receipt was about 3 ft long and littered with many other bought items and a laundry list of redeemed coupons... the manufacturer has no idea which items I used coupons for- so my rebate will be for the full $2.49. That is a risk that the manufacturer is willing to take.