Monday, February 2, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: When you do rebates at Walgreen's, can you only do one for each product?

I bought Garnier hair gel and will submit that rebate. But can I go in again tomorrow and buy another hair gel and get a rebate? Does that make sense? Me: No, one rebate per household.

Also, do all the rebates for February have to be submitted at the same time? If I got hair gel and then went later and got the foundation, I would have to submit those at the same time right?Just a little confused about this rebate stuff. I submitted my rebate info for the hair gel online. So we'll see what happens!
(Also, Glade candles are on sale at CVS right now 4 for $10 and $5 back ECB. So I went today and got 4 candles, used $5 ECB I already had, and two "$1.50 off 2" coupons. So I got 4 candles for $2 and received $5 more in ECB. So cool!! I'll continue to think of you and thank you every time I get a sweet deal!! ) Me: Yay!

Me: Walgreen's rebates are pretty cool- I MAKE a lot of money doing these!

To submit a rebate all you need to do is enter some information off of your receipt, you keep the receipt (I keep all of my rebate receipts paper clipped together).

Any time that you purchase a rebateable item you can enter the information online, or you can do what I do and enter all of the information at the same time at the end of the month. (I write REBATE at the top of my receipts accordingly.)

As long as you do NOT request the actual check or gift card to be mailed to you- you may continue adding receipts all month long. I believe that the term that Walgreen's uses is 'save receipt.' When you have saved your receipt info online then you no longer need to keep track of your receipt. At the end of the month Walgreen's will automatically send you a Walgreen's gift card if you forget to fully submit your rebates, otherwise you can request a check which puts cold hard cash in you hand!!! (I like cash the best because I can spend it anywhere I wish!!!!)