Monday, February 2, 2009


I giggle EVERY time that one of my fellow coupon clippers get more excited than one would think is humanly possible over FREE toilet paper... OK, I admit I hate paying for the stuff too!

For those of you who have yet to learn that there is such a thing as FREE TP (without the 5 finger discount)- hold on to your toilet bowls...

Cottonelle sells 4 roll packages of toilet paper at Kroger (but not Super Kroger in Howell) for $.99. *Kroger double's coupons up to $.50 everyday- making the 4 roll pkg. FREE!

Last Sunday the newspaper had $.50 Cottonelle coupons and today at: (date: 2/2/09)

There are THREE links for IP's (Internet printable coupons) for $.50 Cottonelle TP.

*The sneaky thing about IP's is that if you press the back arrow or refresh button, you are usually able to print the coupon TWICE!!!

So... 1 coupon per Sunday paper + 6 IP's = 28 FREE rolls of TP!!!