Monday, February 2, 2009

Q & A

Coupon Clipper: I jumped in with both feet after your coupon class Friday. I've got my coupon box stocked and organized, I signed up for my CVS card and I picked up the Walgreen's monthly coupon booklet! Now I've got a couple questions for you...

- How do you find out which days the Howell Kroger doubles $1 coupons? They don't do it every day, right?

- What if I need to get a rain check for an item, and they don't get the item in until my coupon for that item has expired? Am I out of luck? Thanks for the info!

Me: Yay! I think you are going to LOVE the 'Drug Store" game!!!

The Howell Kroger doubles coupons up to $1 EVERYDAY!!! Woo Hoo! I love that store, and every worker seems very kind too!

As for getting a rain check- I always paperclip my coupons to my rain check slip, and I keep them together in my purse. I personally would 'fight' to be able to use an expired coupon although I have never had to. Usually the item is back in stock before my coupon has expired. If an item has been out of stock so long that my coupon has expired, I'd ask a manager if he/she would allow the coupon anyway, my guess is that they would be willing, as happy customers will return to shop!

Overall, I find that it is very important to interact, respect and strike up conversation with my store managers and employees. I like to get to know their names and maybe a little bit about them (kids...) and I try to make my face at least recognizable to them (by shopping often :) ). The cashiers that I have invested in and built a relationship with are very understanding- and I never seem to have a problem. In all of my couponning experience I have always been able to respectfully explain my situation to a manager and him/her take care of my situation to my satisfaction. Whenever I shop I would rather ask for special treatment (like permission to use an expired coupon) rather than just assuming that I'll be out of luck...