Monday, February 2, 2009

My System...

Here is a peek into how I organize my coupons.

The large box on the left houses and accordion file and a food storage box (like gladware). I keep all of my weekly flyers and my monthly (CVS & Walgreen's) savings books. I keep my current month's receipts inside as well as any IP coupons that need to be clipped and and rebate information. The small food storage box holds paperclips, pens & Sharpies, and any loose coupons.

The two shoe size storage boxes actually hold all of my coupons. I have recently been getting 6 Sunday papers and so I need the extra room. One box holds my food items and the other box holds the rest of my coupons.

The small blue binder is usually kept in my purse. I like to file the coupons that I know are for a particular store inside, as well as rain checks, Register Rewards (Walgreen's money) and my ECB's (CVS money). If I come across any restaurant coupons I file them in here as well.

I do my best to always stay up to date with my clipping, sorting and filing, as it makes shopping so much easier and much faster!



What do you take with you in the store?

Laura Webber

I only take a note card with my 'know I'm going to spend' coupons paperclipped to it!