Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buyer Beware

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: I don't know if you want to post this on your blog, but I did not find some of the deals at Walmart that were on the Mommysnacks site (affiliate site, I clicked on it from her site).

Here is what I did NOT find:
Cascadian Farms Purely Steamed Veg: Fowlerville one must not carry?
Muir Glen canned tomatoes: Fowlerville one must not carry?
Ludens: Not on sale Rolaids: Not on sale, but still Free with coupon if you get smaller size
Gillette Shampoo for men: Sale is $3.50 NOT $2.50
Schick Disp.razors: not on sale Sanihands for kids: couldn't find

Me: Bummer! I hate when that happens.

I personally am not a fan of Walmart... I have heard negative info on how they treat their employee's since the death of Sam Walton (founder of WM), so I rarely shop there. I do, however, understand that Walmart is a one stop shopping type of store with some of the best local pricing- and so many people still like to shop there.

I prefer to shop at stores that double coupons, as I am much more likely to get FREE items every week!

Also, Walmart does not send out a weekly flyer advertising their prices for grocery/ household items to my home, like Meijer and Kroger do. When I have a flyer in hand I am guaranteed the flyer's price once I am in the store.

Sales for chain stores are sometimes regional- meaning if a blogger states on his/her site that Crest toothpaste is selling for $1.99 - that may be the sale price in Kentucky... or California... wherever he/she may be blogging from, but here, in Michigan the same chain store may not be running the same sale- so the Crest will still be $2.49 or the regular pricing.

All of this to say- the main reason that I shop in the stores that I do is because I have proof in my hand of the 'for sure' sales to plan my shopping around.

I'm sorry that you experienced being misled. That stinks! You can call Walmart Customer Service and ask them how they set their sales for different regions.

Coupon Clipper: I hope my e-mail didn't come across like I was complaining or anything, I just wanted to save someone else time by not going after the same deals - I feel bad if it came across that way at all. (Me: Nope! Not at all! And I can handle complaints- I probably have the same ones!!!!)

However, despite some Walmart confusion, I still walked out of there with 5 free items and I am up to $100 of savings this week!

Again - thanks for the tips! I haven't had this much fun shopping in a long time.

I love helping the family financially even though I don't bring in income - it is a great feeling

Me: To be honest, feeling like a 'financial team player' is one of the BIGGEST reasons that I began using coupons again. I also am an at home Mom without an income- but the way that I shop, rebate and donate more than makes up for the lack of income!

...And- about Walmart- I didn't think that you were a stinker... I would have felt the same way- I HATE hearing about all of the awesome deals and loot that other people are scoring and having it NOT be( fair) the same in my store!

Way to go on saving $100 - this is just the beginning!!!