Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Success Story!!!

From an email...

I am not even really sure how I ended up on your site one day...but I am sooo glad that I did!! I have been reading your posts and became motivated to see what kinds of deals I could score.

While I am nowhere near what you can do...I do want to share what I saved today while shopping at Walgreen's and Target. Sorry if this gets a little long but I want to show you exactly what I got because I don't think anyone else would really appreciate this that I know except you...and I don't even know you!!! :)

This is what I got at Walgreen's
Dryel Kit $9.99
Dryel refill $9.99
Lysol wipes 3.99 (bogo)
lysol wipes 3.99
glade air freshener (sorry dont have products in front of me) 8.99
Tide 12.99
Lysol bathroom cleaner 3.99
Lysol bathroom cleaner 3.99 (bogo)
Lysol cleaner 2.79
Lysol cleaner 2.79 (bogo)
Lysol cleaner 3.99
Lysol cleaner 3.99 (bogo)
Fantastik spray 3.79
Shout laundry 3.99
Revlon cream lip gloss 9.99
Revlon cream lip gloss 9.99 (bogo)
Revlon foundation 9.99
Loreal nail polish 4.99
Loreal nail polish 4.99
Glade air freshener 8.99
Airwick air freshener 8.99
Glade air freshener 8.99
Glade air freshener 8.99
Pledge wipes 3.99
Pert Plus 3.99
Garnier Fructise mousse 3.99
I saved $42.36 from Wags by shopping the sales items
All of this added up is $170.13 after Wags savings then...
With my manufactures coupons I saved $48.98
So total was $121 26 But then I am going to be getting $49.50 in Wags rebates!!

So that brings my total to $71.76!!
Now I know that is still a lot of money but I really feel good about it...I stocked up on a lot of things that I would normally buy anyway.

Now Target I feel like I did pretty good for my first time too!!
I got two jumbo packages of diapers Huggies and Pampers doubled up manufacturers coupon with Target coup
320 size Huggies wipes
Lysol spray starter kit (normally 11.99)
Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner
Mr clean
Dawn foam
Cascade dishwasher gel packs
Snuggle fabric softener
2 Cheerios snack mix
Kashi bars
Chex bars
2 smart ones
Reynolds wrap
2 Ziploc vacuum bag refills

This all added up to $79.11 and with my coupons and using them on top of sales
I saved $32.45 so I spent $49.99!!!

So all in all if I add up what I saved with coupons and shopping the sales I saved $173.29Yay!!!

By the way I live in Iowa!!

Hooray Abby! Keep up the awesome shopping out there in Iowa!
I'm very proud of you!