Monday, January 19, 2009

Q & A

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: So here is a slightly lame question for you....what is the best deal you have gotten on olive oil? I usually buy the store brand, and I saw that it is $7.34 for a fairly large bottle. It is a dollar off the normal price. Do you usually get a better deal on olive oil?

Me: Occasionally I do get OO coups, and I use them at stores that double coups and then I buy several of the smallest bottles. It does sound like you have found a decent deal... some products are tricky to get amazing deals on. Sometimes you need to make up the cost by using great coupons on the other products in you cart.

***If you are 'brand loyal' (meaning you NEED to ONLY buy Jif peanut butter- nothing else will do) then sometimes you will just need to pay full price- especially if you have run out of the product (although stockpiling this item will help curb this in the future). Using coupons doesn't have to mean that you forgo your favorites- you can focus on saving money elsewhere in your cart in order to still have the items that you most enjoy.

AND, some items are just tough to find coupons for. I try to save on my overall spending to guilt-free splurge when I want/need to.