Sunday, January 11, 2009

How Much Can One Coupon Lady Handle?

I "buy" a lot of stuff! I honestly just LOVE to shop! I don't however, like to part with a whole lot of my funds.

Since I have entered the BIG LEAGUES of the coupon world, I have decided that all of my purchases need to have categories... a place to belong.

The first thing that I do with the items that I purchase is decide if they are really needed by my family. If I purchase several cans of spaghetti sauce- I need to know that we will be able to use all of it before it will expire.

Secondly, I like to have family and friends in mind when I shop. A few months ago I was talking to a girlfriend about how expensive her shampoo/conditioner was (she does not use coup's) and the following week I was able to score three sets of shampoos and conditioners in her brand and they were even the 'pink bottle' for $.90. She was thrilled that she now has a year's supply for FREE, and I was thrilled to help a sista' out!

Then I like to 'buy' freebies or things that just cost pennies to me- for a favorite food pantry- Community Sharing. (I actually would encourage everyone to have a favorite place to donate to!) I love donating bags and bags full of food and hygiene products- it feels so awesome to be able to give so much!

Lastly, I purchase goodies (non-essentials, essential items like food, hygiene, cleaning supplies and the like will always be donated!) like air fresheners, hair ties and lint rollers for my annual $1 yard sale. This is a cool way to make a little bit of money to help us pay for the next project around our house!

A place for everything, and everything in its place.