Sunday, January 11, 2009

FREE Make- Up

This passed weekend I had a few high value ($2-$3) coupons burning a hole in my coupon box- so I decided to take them to Walgreen's to see what I could "buy."

I found 5 lip glosses on sale for $2.19, and I had 5 $2 coupons for lip products. These lip glosses were originally priced at $7.99.

I also found 7 concealer sticks on sale for $2.59 and I had 7 coupons for $3 off a face product. Originally these were priced at $9.99. YIKES!

Since I used all of my coupons, I had coupon overage from the 7 concealers to cover the extra $.19 from the lip glosses AND the extra $.41 on each concealer also paid for the tax on these items. Woo Hoo! Absolutely FREE!

A Scissor Lady Snippet:
COUPON OVERAGE. When you use a coupon for an item and the value of the coupon exceeds the purchase price of the item- leaving you with left over money- this is coupon overage. For example, say I was buying a pack of gum. If I have a manufacturer’s coupon for $.75 off and the gum is on sale for $.50, I will have $.25 in coupon overage that I can use to help pay for the rest of the items that I am purchasing. It may not be much, but it is nice to have! ***Some stores (and sometimes it is just the cranky cashier) do not allow coupon overage, and so they will write the purchase price on the coupon. Keeping with the gum example, The cashier would give you the gum for free, but instead of crediting your bill with the added $.25, she would cross out the $.75 on the coupon and write in $.50.