Saturday, January 31, 2009

From My Readers...

From an email...

Coupon Clipper: Thanks so much for the coupon class last night, I had a great time and learned a lot! I was dreaming about coupons last night ;) (Me: Who doesn't? !!!)

I actually thought of something this morning that you may want to mention, especially when you are doing classes in the Howell area: VGs ( a grocery store) actually has some good deals sometimes. I know that they don't have the best overall prices in the area and they don't double coupons but, they do have BOGO (buy one get one free) deals occasionally.

Also if you watch their sale papers they occasionally have a great meal deal: You buy the meat and get things such as, a bag of potatoes, a bag of carrots, rolls and brownies FREE! Usually it is 4 or 5 free items.

VG's will also give you money back if you recycle and bring in your own grocery bags, I believe its 10 cents per bag. Oh and if you go to their website you can print all of the online Smartsource coupons right from their site. And they have and online grocery list where you can click on the items you want to buy in the store and it makes a printable grocery list for you to take to the store with you.

Thanks for all you do. I am really excited to get organized and start saving (and making) money.

Me: I have never shopped VG's before- thanks for sharing your info with me (and my blog readers...) It pays to know the stores that you regularly shop in. I may have to pop into VG's sometime soon. I know I can view their ad online!!! Thanks!