Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dimes and Nickels...

At Dave's request, I picked up some tomato soup for a lunch with friends. I needed three cans, but was willing to purchase a fourth can if it was worth the price...

I was shocked by what I discovered.

A small can of tomato soup (approx. 11 oz.) cost $.61,
a large can (approx. 26 oz.) cost $2.39,
and the four pack of cans (approx. 44 oz.) cost $2.72.

My quick cost estimation while standing in the store made me aware that purchasing 3 of the small cans was my least expensive option.

Here is the actual cost breakdown:

Small can: $0.055 per ounce.
Large can: $0.092 per ounce.
4 Pack of cans: $0.062 per ounce.

I was surprised to find out that the largest can was the least cost effective.

I would have thought that the largest can would have been the most cost effective, followed by the 4 pack leaving the small can the least cost effective... boy was I wrong.

Coupon Lady Snippet:
It pays to check out the cost per unit, and don't pay for fancy packaging!