Sunday, January 11, 2009

But One Get One FREE X2

I love buy one get one FREE sales! But I especially love buy one get one FREE sales when I have matching buy one get one FREE coupons!

*Buy one get one FREE (BOGO).
This week at Walgreen's they have Oust air sanitizer on sale BOGO. I 'bought' two using my BOGO coupon. So I ended up with both of them for just the tax on one can.
Here is how it worked:
Walgreen's, in trying to lure you into their store, graciously offered one FREE can of Oust if you were interested in 'buying' two cans. So Walgreen's footed the bill on my first can- and there was no tax on that can because I didn't pay for it! The second can was graciously paid for by the manufacturer- because they gave me the BOGO coupon in my Sunday paper.
Since a coupon spends just like cash- you are obligated to pay for the tax on the couponed item, or in my case, the second can of Oust. SO I only paid $.17 for two $4.29 cans of Oust.