Monday, January 12, 2009

90% Off = FREE

You are looking at 31 rolls of super cute wrapping paper!
CVS has them on sale for 90% off- making them $.29 per roll. The bows (below) were also part of the sale- I'm pretty sure I have over 250 bows.

I 'bought' all of these items in 4 transactions. I noticed that the Merry & Bright label was the CVS brand of wrapping supplies, and I had a $3 off any CVS brand coupon. So I bundled up about $30 of original price merchandise, and at 90% off- it was just under $3, making everything FREE! (No sales tax even!!!)

Coupon Lady Snippet:Because my total was actually only $2.90, my cashier (who was the manager) ADJUSTED DOWN the coupon value. Adjusting down means that she rang my coupon in as $2.90 rather than $3 because then I would have an extra $.10 that I would need to spend in the store. I hate when you need to buy just a teeny something to make the cash register move from a -$.10 to a monetary amount above $.00.

PS: If you would like to do the same deal- go to and look for the printable coupons at the site - towards the center at the top- and you may print the $3 coupon for yourself... as many times as you'd like!!!

These are for my annual yard sale!



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