Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do You Agree?

Trent, the blog author of The Simple Dollar, has written a post about how HE spends coupons. Trent first decides what his family's needs are on a given week, and then he looks for coupons to bring down the cost of those items. I personally shop the sales with coupons and practice the art of wise stockpiling simply what my family will use! (Read his short article here!)

Which coupon spending technique do YOU use?



I do agree that you have to have self control when spending coupons. At the same time, as with my trip to the store yesterday, I can pay full price for things I don't really need. I don't think coupons cause that any more than window shopping without them does, for me at least.

But, it is helpful when a new product comes out that you'd like to try. I wouldn't pay $3 for Ritz Crackerfuls, but on sale for $2 plus a $1 off coupon, I'll try them for $1. Unfortunately, unless I browse every aisle at the grocery store (which I don't, because that seems like a waste of time if I have a list), I rely on coupon websites to let me know where the matchups are.

I agree with you, though, about wise stockpiling. My husband works outside in a physical job and loves Sobe Lifewaters. He goes through 2-3 per day. I have been to Kroger numerous times the past two weeks stockpiling, and at CVS this week, too, because I'd rather pay approx .25 cents a bottle rather than $1.00 a bottle for something I'm going to buy anyway.

That's just my two cents. :)

Shannon L.

I used to use his method and started stockpiling little by little like you recommend as well. Now that I have a healthy pantry I can use your wise stockpiling method and figure out meals from what I have. I know I save a ton more money this way, but don't think I could do it if I wasn't a pretty creative, flexible cook. It also helps that no one in my family is a picky eater and that the only thing we are brand loyal about is organic milk and country crock spread:)

When I bought what I thought the family needed and used coupons to bring the cost down, I tended to end up making more elaborate meals. Now I have an easier time cooking and love the challenge of using what I have. My hubby has been telling me how much he loves what i've been cooking so it's a win win!

Laura Webber

Awesome ladies!


i agree...


I stockpile. Using only the coupons you need for that week really isn't going to save you much money. I agree with you for sure.

David and Donna

I use the stockpile method. I normally only purchase items that are on sale and that I have coupons for. I shop smart and do not let coupons influence me to buy items that my family does not normally consume. Stockpiling has helped to save my family a ton of money. Recently I had to have surgery and my family has been able to live off of our stockpile and not have to worry about shopping or meal planning, because we had everything we needed on hand. Now my stock pile is low, but that's alright in a few weeks it will be fully stocked again.


I do a mix of both stockpiling and buying from a list. I'll admit though when I first started couponing almost a year ago I was just buying stuff because it was a deal, not because I really needed it. I was spending a lot of money and a lot more time! I have come to a happy medium now :)


I have gone through different phases. At first I would "buy" anything that was free with coupons and items I normally would not buy if they were super cheap. I now have gotten a lot picker with what we use in our home, and what goes in to the mouths of our family. I make a lot of the products we would get for free/cheap, cleaning supplies, bread, deoderant, and I spend the money we save by making those items, on better quality, healthier, more natural items for my family. I still buy papers and uyse coupons, but because 90% of the coupons are not for items we use in our house, I don't buy as many papers. But I do love using coupons for items that we regularly use, and getting them for the best price possible. And when I can get them at rock bottom prices with sales and coupons, I stock up. Just stocked up on 10 boxes of Cascadia Farms cereal for the kids for under $1 a box, when they are normally $4.99, that is an awesome price.


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