Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Survey

Have YOU been raking in the SCHOOL SUPPLY deals lately?

I have purchased glue, Crayola washable markers and crayons, and I'm hoping to sneak in some water colors and colored pencils...



I'm hoping to get to Target this week for water colors. Lots of water colors.
I might pick up a few more glue sticks because we seem to go through them so quickly. And crayons make great additions to birthday and Christmas gifts.

Becky Dykes (Trahey)

I LOVE walgreens they are my less than 50 cent best friend... i have gotten 10 pack of pencils,markers, highligters, page protectors rulers, 1 inch binders, erasers mechanical pencils, paper clips, And my FAVORITE school supply find ever......... Pilot G-2 pens (my husbands Favorite) ****19 cents******


Check out other clearance areas for school supplies. I got 20 pencils for $.25 in the $1 section at Target today and they were 75% off! I got 8 packs - I'll keep some/donate some!

Paula Wethington

Do any of you remember school supply bargain picking like this when we were children? I don't. I do remember getting supply lists, and looking for items in the stores, but not crazy deals. (Unless I was just a clueless little kid!)


I just went to a birthday party and in the gift bags for all the guests, my friend included a 24 pack of crayola crayons. What a great idea. So I've been buying those 25 cent packs every time I go grocery shopping. Ava's having a birthday party in January so I'm stocking up now. I like gift bags that don't just have tons of candy in it.

Laura Webber

I hear ya on the less expensive supplies now- I'm shocked at how little I can spend for my toddler to have crafty fun all year long!

I did that very thing at Christmas last year!


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