Tuesday, August 10, 2010

POP Quiz

I just found a very interesting quiz on Penniless Parenting!

How frugal are YOU?

I'm considered to be Extremely Frugal...

Take the quiz and leave a comment on what YOU are!


Staying Lean

Smack dab in the middle of the extremely frugal with 24 points!

Shannon L

Mrs. Frugal with 37 points, very interesting quiz!

Mom C

Mrs. Frugal with 35 points.


Mrs. Frugal as well at 38...don't really see myself going any higher than that.


Just call me Mrs. Frugal at 33 points. I see a few places I can improve and hope to revisit the quiz in a few months to see if I've advanced. Thanks that was fun.

Penniless Parenting

I'm glad you all enjoyed that!


Mrs. Frugal with 36 points. Interesting quiz.


Not surprisingly, 25 pts and Extremely Frugal. I think what threw me off was actually using TP (ewww to other options - no thank you!) and not having used cloth diapers some 8 yrs ago w/Brendan. I paid so little for disposables purchased on amazon.com that when I figured out our water, gas, and electricity costs for running several loads of diapers per week, I actually came out ahead. So whatev - but it was a fun little quiz! :)

Thanks, Laura!


Oops, I'm only a Mrs. Frugal...on my way but not quite there. Clearly I need to re-examine my habits! (And spending less on my hobby wouldn't hurt, either! lol)



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