Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Want to Share?

Kristie, the blog author of Saving Dollars and Sense, has a great article about over purchasing inexpensive school supplies (or collecting FREEBIES) this summer to have extras to donate to kids who can put them to great use during the 2010-2011 school year!

Do YOU have any donation locations in mind?



We give our extra stockpiled items to the Ronald McDonald House. Specifically the one in Wilmington Delaware. We were guests there almost 2 years ago. After our experience, we became very passionate about supporting the Ronald McDonald House!

Laura Webber

What an awesome place to give!!!


Great idea for McDonals house. I believe the one in Ann Arbor has helped a few families we know! I usually give to the OpenDoor Outreach that services right here in our community! It has been a great teaching lesson for my girls that we give what we can and help out neighbors!!
Jessica M.


Local school districts! Every district right now is hurting in Michigan right now - and there isn't a lot of money to help the kids who can't afford the supplies themselves - If you drop off supplies at any school they will certainly be appreciated!


HAVEN's shelter. People who have escaped an abusive relationship stay there, and often their children are with them. They usually have to leave so quickly that there's no time to pack.