Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Olive Garden Dressing Knock Off

Yes, its true... I'm a salad junkie (especially with garden fresh veggies)! And although I normally stick with my favorite homemade Italian dressing, when I read this recipe (from tammysrecipes.com) I knew it needed to be tried!

Ingredients: mayo (1/2 c), white vinegar (1/3 c), vegetable oil (1 T), corn syrup (2 T), Parmesan/Romano cheese (4 T), garlic salt (1/2 t), Italian seasonings (1/2 t) and lemon juice (1 T)

I was happy that I happened to have all of the recipe ingredients on hand... I had just purchased the corn syrup to make bubbles with (should I post that too?)! And I love that all I had to do to create this recipe was pour the ingredients into my blender, whirrr for a minute and then pour over my salad! YUM!

I was kind of expecting more of a clear looking dressing (similar to the Olive Garden itself), but I was pleasantly surprised by the taste... it has a little zip to it!

Just look at those home grown tomatoes coated in that delicious looking dressing... YUM!

How about YOU, do YOU have a great summer dressing recipe to share?