Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Survey

My two and a half year old son LOVES coupons and coloring with a pen... (ironic that this is a pen coupon) BUT, he's very respectful not to destroy my coupons!

How are YOUR kids/family with YOUR coupons? Are they respectful?



They know they aren't allowed to carry my coupon box. In case someone drops it, I'd rather me mad at myself if they all dump out. :)


My 4 year old has been "helping" me clip coupons since he was two. I got him a pair of child scissors and gave him what's left of the insert after the coupons are removed. His preschool teachers tell me he's surprisingly good with scissors.


Other than the time Allie dumped my entire box all over the floor, they don't touch my coupon box:)


I give my three year old the bottom print of after I cut the coupon off. She can color the advertising. It is all about Recycle, Reuse and Reduce. I would rather her color that then a good piece of paper to print a new coupon on.


My kids LOVE coupons because it means extra FOOD in the house -- lots of snacks I get for free that they wouldn't otherwise get. My daughter helps clip them, too. -- Marilyn