Friday, July 16, 2010


Aside from running into the store solely for milk or bread, yesterday's shop was my first in 10 days... crazy!

Grocery Total: $59.82
Spent: $30.86
Saved: $28.96

Items purchased with coupons:
KEY: MFC= Manufacturer's coupon, MBC= Store coupon, IP= Internet printable coupon.

Bisquick (IP), String cheese (MFC), Bacon & Mac & Cheese (FREE item coupons), Aunt Millies (MFC), Crystal Light (MFC & MBC)

Have YOU been keeping your regular grocery shopping routine OR have YOU (like me) been "Summer Slackin'?"



I haven't stepped foot in a store since June. I have plenty of milk and bread in the freezer and have been eating fresh veggies from the garden. We have been slacking on the fresh fruit (well, the strawberries were fresh in June =)...but not shopping has meant more time with the family and NO money spent this month!!

Laura Webber

My jaw is dropped!!!


Totally slacking. I haven't shopped for meat in almost two months and I get my organic fruit and veggies shipped to my house, so I go shopping for only the free stuff. But I feel a costco trip for organic chicken, PB and tortilla chips may be needed this week. Not too bad, huh?

Laura Webber