Friday, June 18, 2010

Want-A-Peek Wednesday (the delayed version!)

Fresh picked strawberries
13 pounds (of back breaking picking) for $14.75

Kroger: (A late Sunday trip, I was SHOCKED to find Gillette in stock!)
Grocery Total: $34.70
Spent: $6.29
Saved: $28.41

Meijer: (the 'I forgot my coupons at home' trip)
Grocery total: $9.79
Spent: $7.80
Saved: $1.99

Grocery Total so far this week: $61.13
Spent: $30.73
Saved: $30.40



Wow I want 13lbs of strawberries for that cheap!

shannon L. in Indiana

I just got back from a "forgot my coupons at home trip" too. I'm so aggrivated! I hate when that happens.

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Where did you pick Laura?!?!


I forgot my coupons last Wed., but my hubby ran them up to me. Must have been the postion of the moon & stars or something. Bad coupon karma making the rounds, is another possibility. LOL Fess up girls, anyone else do the same thing? What's your theory?


Please tell us where you picked your strawberries. I want some for that price.

Laura Webber

I picked at Kenricks Family Farm in Deckerville, MI (up in the 'thumb' of MI)!

Hurry to pick, the season is quickly ending!


We got some nice strawberries at Spicers in Hartland (M-23 & Clyde Rd.) for $1.49/pound. But, they are at the peak of ripeness. You need to eat or can within 2 days. Katy


Hi Laura,
You mentioned recently on your blog that you make homemade ice cream. Do you make recipes the include raw eggs? If not, can you share your vanilla recipe, please? My hubby wants to use out maker tomorrow for Father's Day and I need a tried-and-true recipe, quick! :-)


Laura Webber

OK, I'm rather simple when it comes to making ice cream! I actually made chocolate ice cream yesterday using 3/4 cup of sugar, a dash of vanilla and 3 cups of chocolate milk!!!

The basic vanilla is as follows:
1c whole milk, 3/4 c sugar, 2c heavy cream & 1 teaspoon vanilla

I used 16 ounces of coffee cream instead of the heavy cream- but I'd omit the extra sugar next time!

We've made vanilla with crushed oreos, and with a FREE chopped up dark Hershey's bar and raspberries! I'd add sugar to the raspberries next time to make them a little less tart!

Good luck!


We made vanilla yesterday and it finally worked! I went to Hillers to find heavy cream and went to buy a vanilla bean...until I rang it up and it was $14.99! So I went to Meijer and looked to see how much the vanilla beans were there. They were $8.99 for two, so it was $4.50 for one. I did bite the bullet and bought them and I'm really glad I did. The vanilla flavor was outstanding! The next time I have any McCormick coupons, though, I'll be sure to use at least one on vanilla beans!

Thanks, Laura.