Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Survey

Hmm, I remember scoring FREE Lawrey's marinade (I heart Teriyaki chicken on the BBQ) last summer, as well as super inexpensive boxes ( I also heart $2.50 coupons, it makes me feel like a BIG spender...wink!) of Electrosol dish washer tabs... I miss those deals!

Any deals YOU are hoping to see return this summer?



I'm really hoping for more Electrosol. I ran out and had to pay regular prices for the first time in almost 2 years.

Laura Webber

*GASP* I'm so sorry! That's almost painful! I hate being addicted to a product/coupon!


Yes! I have stocked up on 20 Lawry's marinade coupons and I am hoping they go on sale for $1 before my coupons expire so I can stock up for free!


My favorite Q of all time was the buy 3 Kraft products and get various Kraft items free. Buying single packets of jello for under .25 was included!

Oh and the .50/1 Kraft BBQ sauce which always seemed to make it free

Amy K

I am hoping for more Kraft coupons from their website--loved all of those! That is part of what got me couponing so much last year.
I love the Electrosol too, although I think I still have several left!


Electrosol is my favorite. I was worried that the green giant steamer coupon was gone but it showed up right before the Meijer sale...great timing.


Not at the moment, but I wanted to thank you for a tip you gave us a while back. You said to check the self scan register for Catalinas other customers leave behind. Well I saw a guy walk away without his, so I went back to get it. The attendant that watchs the self scan check-outs saw me, so I thought maybe I better not, but then she walked away, so I went for it. She saw me.... so I said, "is it okay to take a slip that someone else leaves behind?" She covered her eyes and walked away saying "I didn't see a thing". I scored big! It was $10.00 on fuel or groceries, when you fill a perscription. Thanks Laura. I felt like I won the lotto.

Laura Webber

Dorsey, you tickle me! I get just as excited!


First of all, I want to find a cat like Dorsey did.
I've loved the Kraft promotions for the last two summers and hope it continues this summer.
I'm running really low on dishwasher detergent, so I could use some of that. Soon.
And I was just wondering why all these high value diaper coupons and drug store diaper deals are all over the place now that we no longer need diapers in this household.


I loved the Zantac deal at Walgreens. I got 10 boxes for free. I need another Zantac or prilosec deal!


I completely agree about the Electrosol. I've been waiting for another great deal! Yesterday I did purchase 5 bags of the Cascade tabs from CVS to go towards the free Charmin when you purchase $25 worth of P&G items. And I also agree about the Kraft coupons. I did just get a bunch a free BBQ sauce a few weeks back, and am on my last Kraft BBQ right now. But those coupons were GREAT!


I too am anxiously waiting for another Electrasol deal. I stocked up last fall but am getting close to out. Oh and I'd love some more free ketchup too!