Friday, June 25, 2010

Look What's Growing!!!

This morning my little garden helper and I picked these beauties!!! The first picks of this tomato season- and I can't wait for our dinner salad tonight!

I have several more still ripening on the vines!

This is a squash blossom! Unfortunately its a male flower and so it won't produce fruit, but at least its beautiful!

I think that green bean blossoms are my favorite garden flower!

And here are my cucumber blossoms!

My lettuce is finally taking off- that red line is red yarn to help my little gardeneer know where he may and may not step!

Lastly, my chili peppers are growing HOT and strong!

How is YOUR garden coming along?



Looks delicious!
So far we've enjoyed asparagus, strawberries, and lots and lots of lettuce and basil from our garden.
Swiss chard is just about ready for harvesting. We have a few green tomatoes and some baby peppers.
Just wondering, how do you know that squash flower is male flower and that it won't turn into a squash?

Nicole D.

I love looking at your garden photos. Can you post a big picture of the entire garden? I just want to take a look... I have tomatoes and peppers in pots this year, but would love to do a garden next year. Lovely!


Love the red yarn idea! Brilliant.

Laura Webber

Hi Julie,
OK, the male flowers have a stamen on the inside of the flower, and the female flowers don't.... think anatomy class (sorry!!!).

My garden is in kind of a hard to photograph location, but I will ask my husband to climb on top of our garage to get a decent pic... no promises!


Looks like you have some beautiful produce! Makes me wish we had a bigger spot to garden...ours is only about 5ft. x 2 ft. At least we have that though! :)


The red line is a super idea, Laura! Also, I never thought to check out why kind of flower it is that's growing...I'll have to check it out tonight when I go to our garden.

I am envious that you already have produce growing. My garden is looking great but nothing to eat, as of yet. But I am