Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kmart SUPER Doubles

Meghan, the blog author of Savvy Spending, has the low down on this round of Kmart's SUPER Doubles! The SUPER Sale that boasts of doubled coupons up to and including $2 coupons, begins today in select locations! (Finally, Michigan and Ohio residents get something a little special!!!)

In my experience, Kmart's prices are higher than the norm, but doubled coupons usually allow for FREE or inexpensive toiletries and cleaning products!

If I were going to shop the Doubles, I'd take the $2 All laundry coupons with me, as well as any special coupons that I may have received directly from a manufacturer (usually these are higher in value). P&G coupons are often higher in value, and I'd definitely look at the printable coupons at and Red to see if there are any that might be more beneficial to spend at Kmart this week.

Keep in mind that the Kmarts that are doubling this week are the full grocery store Kmarts- so don't overlook spending your grocery coupons!

Lastly, Kmart now has a 'loyalty card' of sorts. You must register before you shop. You will have two options for redeeming your doubled coupons (15/day) before your perminant arrives in the mail: 1. print out a paper copy of your loyalty card (this is what I have done in the past) or 2. give the cashier your pone number at the register! ***Savvy Spending has the scoop on this card as well!

Best of luck! I'd LOVE to hear about the deals that YOU'VE scored!


Nicole D.

Thank you for the post Laura. What store do you shop at? I'm trying to find the closest one to Brighton, MI.

Laura Webber

Well, if I were to join in this weeks 'festivities' (which I probably won't), the Madison Heights location is the closest to me!