Monday, June 7, 2010

Grocery Game Plan: Kroger

Here are my favorite stockpilable items this week, 6/7- 6/13, at Kroger!

Feel free to visit to view the complete ad.


*** Purchase 2 participating Kelloggs cereal boxes and receive a gallon of milk FREE!

Whole, fresh Pineapple, $1

6 pack of Romaine hearts, $3.49
*This is a Costco price!

All laundry detergent (including OXI), $2.99
Spend the $2 MFC
Total: $.99

Visit Bargains to Bounty to see the rest of this weeks deals at Kroger for the Metro Detroit area.


*Kroger sale prices are available to those who shop with a Kroger Savings Club Card. You will only receive the sale price discounts when you shop with your card. If you don't have a Kroger Savings Club Card, just stop by the Customer Service desk and sign up for a card so that you may begin reaping the discounts immediately.

*Kroger will double Manufacturer coupons up to and including $.50.

*NEW!!! Kroger now limits the number of coupons allowable to 3 identical coupons per like items. Purchasing several flavors/varieties side steps this limit!

*Rain checks for out of stock items are available at the customer service desk.

*Kroger offers a 'brought my own bag' discount of $.05 per bag.

*If you are headed to SUPER Kroger (108 W. Highland Rd., Howell MI 48843 (517) 552-0126) the most local Kroger that doubles coupons up to and including $1 (up to THREE identical coupons) visit 123Save for the best deals for the current week's promotions.

AND AS ALWAYS, please leave me a comment if I have missed any sweet deals!



FYI: Kroger has their mens Gillette bodywash on sale B1G1. There was also a B1G1 bodywash is this weeks paper. Making for 2 FREEBIES. I like as many Free as I can get. I'm planning on building gift baskets for my grads this year going off to college.


Ha! When I was doing the Kroger matchups and saw the Romaine price, my first thought was "Laura's gonna be excited about that..." :)


The Lean Cuisine $1/1 IPs are good until the 9th here They're $1.88 this week, so 88 cents at most places and free at Super Kroger.


Laura, what I so appreciate about your blog is that you break down the Meijer/Kroger sales into great deals that YOU are going to focus on. Sometimes when I am looking at other sites I get so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items that I miss things or give up entirely, because I don't have the time. Now, if I am just going to either store for a quick trip I know what to focus on to maximize my trip. I just wanted to say thanks for doing that for us!

Laura Webber

WOW! Thanks for all of the great comments!!! I LOVE you gals!


Has anyone had any luck finding the All with Oxi Detergent. I can't seem to find it at any of my local Krogers. I am looking in the laundry detergent aisle, but maybe it's on an end cap?

Laura Webber

I found it on an end cap... if memory serves me right (sometimes it doesn't... wink), it is a blue bottle with an orange cap, and is a 2x not a "Small & Mighty" size that is 3x!


Boo for my Kroger. They won't let me use a B1G1 coup on a B1G1 store promotion.

Laura Webber

Hmmm, I talked with a manager and was allowed! Sorry! Call corporate!


Thanks Laura, I had the coupon policy with me both times (I tried twice) and both times they pointed out the part where it says something like..."any manager can refuse a coupon upon view" so, no free body wash for me. Which Kroger do you go to? I tried Troy and Waterford. I adore your site, btw! I'm a newbie here, but LOVE your content ;)

Laura Webber

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks so much for your kind words! I shopped at the 11 & Middlebelt location!


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