Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thought Provoking Thursday

Its no secret that there are products that I HATE to spend money on! Spending coupons (or earned gift cards or store rewards) instead of cash, makes me feel like I've accomplished getting what I want without spending a New York cent!

On May first 2010, I celebrated my second anniversary (that's TWO years) of not paying for toilet paper... the worst offender/joy zapper for my busting my weekly spending! (Toilet paper is closely followed by laundry detergent, paper towels, make-up and toothpaste... all things that I also refuse to pay good money for!)

If I focus my 'lack of spending power' on the pricier products from my grocery list, it leaves me a lot more wiggle room to purchase all of the other items my family likes! My self imposed $50/week spending cap stretches much further without a $5 package of toilet paper eating 10% of my budget!

Do YOU have any items that YOU refuse to pay for?



I wish I could find free toilet paper! The only free kind I can find is the stuff akin to newsprint.
I refuse to pay for most personal hygiene products: body wash, deodorant, razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine products and the like. We never really used room/air fresheners until I got one free. Now the cats' room smells much better, but I still won't pay for those things.


okay...have any details on how to accomplish this? I buy it at Costco. I like it being individually wrapped. Sometimes I get lucky and they have a coupon to discount it.

Laura Webber

Yep... I mentioned in the post that I spend my store reward $ (like Extra Care Bucks at CVS), gift cards from transferring prescriptions combining these extra money ideas with sales, coupons and drug store promotions like $5/$25 purchase!


I would agree with toilet paper, but I'm thinking I might switch back to buying it at Costco (the basic brand - not soft & cushiony kind)because I hate chasing after toilet paper deals even more. Ditto with the paper towels. I know you use your RR or Extra Bucks to pay for things like this. Could you go over your tips again?

I know it's weird, but I also hate having to buy pain medicines, sunblock, vitamins & ice cream (!) at full price.

Staying Lean

If you check out coupon crazy chrys's site that Laura has a link to you can get some ideas. Here's a rough example through

Last week there was the Buy 1 Get 1 Free sale on Covergirl make up at Rite Aid. There was also Cottenelle on sale for $2.49. So buy 4 Covergirl make-ups for $9.99 after Buy one get one sale out of pocket is about $20 + the Cottenelle for $2.49 buy 2. Total puts you over $25 use a $5 off $25 coupon use two Buy 1 Get 1 Covergirl coupons (making all four free) and the the other $5 covers the toilet paper and you walk out paying tax. (fake example but hope you get the picture.) Also the CVS kiosk frequently gives coupons off paper products. So again come up with a similar scenario and then use those coupons and get twice as much. I feel your pain though it takes a long time I've been couponing since July and for a while I was buying store brand once a week and I just now have a little stockpile and who knows if I will get it to grow!
On the question I hate paying for all of the above but I'm still working on it! Working the pharmacy helps!


It's not that I refuse to pay for, but gosh darn it if I don't hate paying for underwear! (I know that's not what you were going for, but I've always hated that! ;))

I also hate paying for tampons and/or pads (as much as tp!). I've been stocking up on the free Kotex U and have enough free Stayfree pads from RA in January to take care of my whole block!

Like I like having a period? And then that I have to pay for products to use during it? Ugh!


I never pay for feminine care products or junk food like Chex Mix or Warm Delights! (Which I do buy EVERY TIME they're free, because I see that as a sign from the universe that mama needs a treat.)

Laura Webber


Shannon L. in Indiana

I'm TTC so I really resent buying feminine products. I try to get those free as much as I can so that I don't add insult to heartbreak.

I also hate buying TP and laundry stuff because it really blows the budget if you are not careful. I have a pretty good stockpile of laundry stuff, but have to try out some of the TP ideas. Wish we had a Rite-Aid where I live.

mary from KY

Oh yes, shampoo, toothpaste, bath soap, toothebrushes, deodorant and of course instant poatatoes! Mostly I never pay money for these things because I know I will eventually get them for free (and then add to my stock pile)sometime soon.

Staying Lean

LOL Theresa I second that!

Nicole D

I just started couponing, but the things that break my budget and I hate paying for are dishwasher soap, swiffer refills and medicine for my husband (bengay, tums... you would think he is 80 instead of 35).

Staying Lean

Working the pharmacies and having a flexible spending account to help in the beginning of the year definitely helps with medicine. My husband is diabetic and asthmatic and I also have asthma with tons of allergies. I have to take benadryl and claritin/zyrtec daily for 6 months out of the year.


I understand using your rewards but often they are used into figuring out how to get an item for free. For example the Meijer 100 calorie snacks were free when you factor in the Cat coupon you get back (I paid 6-1 for coupon=5 and I got back 5 in cats) I could then use those cats to buy other things but I still want to find a good deal on them and use coupons. Then my item is not free but I used the cat to get a lower OOP. The challenge I am having is finding the deals during the week so that I do not miss out by Saturday afternoon and places are out of stock. I mostly shop at the end of the week.

The TP for free sounds good but I do not recall seeing the northern on sale. I missed that one. I am still learning and I really thank everyone for their help.

Laura Webber

Hi Anonymous,
Toilet paper sales are few and far between! I recommend purchasing three months worth of TP at a time during a bug sale, this should tide you over until the next sale! (Drug stores often give you the best TP deals when you factor in the $5/$25 coupons!)

Don't forget about asking for rain checks for out of stock items!

Oh, and shop as early in the day as possible!

Staying Lean

When it comes to that cats put some work into it when they are good. The 100 Calorie pack was like a $1 money-maker I went to Meijer everyday to purchase Lunchables, 100-Calorie packs, and breakstones for about $1 - $2.75 and walked out with $3 each time. Then Friday I did my big shopping with all the deals and had worked out $13 - $15 in cats. Walked out with 4 bags and paid $3.75 including store brand toilet paper.