Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Survey

This week Dave brought me home a beautiful cut flower bouquet (Bo, my two year old had gone with Dave to run 'errands' and returned with a giant Sunflower for me! It was precious!) including a few of these gorgeous pink lilies... except their odor is kind of bold and offensive and Dave and I sneezed every time we sat down to eat at the table!

Its definitely the kind thought that counts, and the flowers are beautiful, but the repercussions were, at times, tough to handle! Dave claims that he will just admire those flowers for me from inside the flower shop!

The flowers reminded me of a few regretful purchases that I've made while spending coupons! I've over purchased items that I didn't care for and I've allowed a few items to expire (I always feel so badly)!

Does this ever happen to YOU? Have YOU ever made a regretful purchase?