Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Survey

OK, how would you handle THIS situation? The lady in front of you in line is obviously a non-coupon-spender who is stepping on a possible jackpot of a coupon... what would YOU do?



ask her if it is hers if not it's all mine!!!
Jessica M.

Sandy S.

I'd probably wait until she was done and then snatch it up!


I would engage her in conversation and try like mad to keep her eyes OFF the floor. Then as soon as she leaves I would dive down and pick up that coupon. LOL

Last week at Wal-mart I tried to give a coupon to a lady in front of me. She was buying 3 bags of M&M's and I had a handful of the B2G1 M&M's coupons. That lady looked at me like I was an alien and she said she has never used a coupon and turned me down!! I was so proud of my DH because he spoke up and looked at that women's hubby and told him how much money I have saved the family. That man started asking all kinds of questions. LOL LOL

Finding a coupon on the floor is like finding money.


Kristin- Stampin' Fanatic!

I'd ask if it was hers, if she said no, I'd say "Oh, I must have dropped it"... LOL.


I too would ask if she dropped it. If she said no, I'd pick it up and use it. If she said no, then grabbed it up and used it, oh well, it wasn't yours to begin with right?


Those look like my shoes...gimme back my coupon!


So I'm kinda dying to know what the coupon was... lol


Push her down and grab the coupon!

Totally kidding...

I agree with Gina. I'd ask politely, "Is that your coupon on the floor?" And if she said no and didn't want it, I'd take it. But if she kept it, well, it's good to remember that there will ALWAYS be another deal around the corner.


Totally agree with Lacey.

I often look at the order in front of mine and think, "I have a coupon for that and that and that," but by the time I try to dig it out the order is usually finished. If I do act quickly enough, the other shopper has always been appreciative.

Just wondering. . . what was that coupon?

Laura Webber

OK, I got chatting with this lady (the mystery shoe lady) after I snapped this picture... she was from England and I was busy sharing my Kroger card for her benefit... I forgot to look! I was just curious what YOU would do with a mystery coupie on the floor!


i have been known to pick up meijer register rewards from the floor..something i never would have thought of before..but hey its $3 on the floor

Rita Collins

I would ask if it is her coupon. If she says no, I would ask her to please allow me to pick it up from underneath her foot.


I would point out to her that she's stepping on a coupon and ask if it's hers? If she said no, then I would pick up & see if I can use it. Or I might just leave it on top of the scanner/check out area for someone else.