Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Survey

I just purchased this 'patty maker' at Meijer this week for $5... and it will definitely allow for easier burger making this grilling season!

What are YOUR favorite kitchen tools for getting dinner to the table more quickly?



My 11year old daughter! She likes to cook... I do not. LOL

Paula Wethington

@Anon - I do relate, however my daughter is away to college!

@Laura - I luv my bread machine


I love a hand chopper. It's a metal circle with a handle. I can use it to chop ground beef fine or whole nuts into pieces. Very handy. LOL

Laura Webber

Hmmm, looks like I could use a pre-teen daughter!


Hey Ya-ya I've got one to loan! She comes with clothes! My favorite thing is my pampered chef spatulas. I've got 4 sizes I use them for everything and they take quite a beating and still going strong. They were definately worth the investment.
Jessica M.