Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Survey

I happen to have a pint sized toast-a-holic living in my home!

In fact, my family recently went out to eat for dinner, and Dave and I were having a hard time deciding where to eat... so we decided to ask our two year old for some advice! We asked our son what he wanted to eat for dinner and he said "toast and salad dressing!" Um... OK!

Recently, I found this silly sandwich press (on clearance) at Joann Fabrics, and I thought that it would be perfect for keeping toast (and salad dressing?) fun to eat in our house!

We've been calling the stamped bread "tiger toast!" Cute huh?

Since it is MUCH less expensive to eat at home rather than at a restaurant, what do YOU do to keep meals fun at YOUR house?



oh, I am boring. I do nothing - except throw in a desert now and then.


When my boys were younger I found some cookie cutters that are in the shape of Barney and Baby Bop (okay it was about 7+ years ago.) I think they were actually for play dough;) but they were perfect to cut off the crust of the toast. My kids LOVED "Barney toast"

I also would arrange their food on their plates in the shape of a face. Like cucumbers for eyes, cherry tomato for a nose, hot dog for the smile and preztels for ears, ect. I am just boring now!!


Gotta admire kids' culinary preferences, huh? My kid always wants to order peanut butter and jelly when we go out. . .

Sometimes I take the boredom out of dinner by announcing we're having a party. I don't do anything different than i usually do, I just call it a party and my little boy gets excited. For example, we often have tacos for dinner. Sometimes my son eats them; sometimes he asks for peanut butter instead. (No, he doesn't get peanut butter instead.) This week we'll be having tacos for Cinqo de Mayo. It'll be our Cinqo de Mayo Fiesta. I bet the kid gobbles them up.

Laura Webber

Hmmm, great idea for calling it party food!!!