Monday, May 31, 2010

Sheepish About Spending Coupons?

Angela, the blog author of The Coupon Project, has a great article about NOT 'Flying Under the Radar' when spending coupons! I'd LOVE to hear your reaction!!!



I am a flying in loud type of girl. I announce to the people coming up behind me that I have many coupons and it might be a bit. Then I tell them how much I think my cart full of stuff is going to cost me. I often have several men telling their wives, why can't you do that?
I love coupons!


I spend a lot of time planning my shopping trips. I get a lot of great deals, thanks to coupons and sales. I'm kind of proud of what I do. I also think that if I could figure out something like this, it really isn't that difficult.
I'm not quite as bold as Audrey, but I don't try to blend into the woodwork either.