Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seedling Update:

From this...

To this,

and this,

and this,

and this!!! These pictures were taken 3 weeks after planting the seeds! I LOVE it!


Becky C

Ok, so how long can they last in these little newspaper cups? How soon will you plant them outside?

Shannon L. in Indiana

Look at you and your green thumb! Way to go! Thanks for the idea too. I have some little tomato, eggplant, and pepper seedlings going with your method. Thanks for sharing!

Laura Webber

Hi Becky,
Nope, I'm not going to up size my growing pods! I specifically waited to start my seeds until 6 weeks before I could plant my seedlings outside- my beans may be tall, but they are happy in my front window!

I'm so glad that you've got happy little seedlings growing at your house too!

Becky C

Thanks Laura! My seedlings are a week or two behind yours (I'm only 2 weeks in). Can't wait for mine to look like yours.