Thursday, May 27, 2010

Matching Coupons with a Sale

Angela, the blog author of The Coupon Project, has a great vlog post (vlog: video blogging) on how to match coupons with sales! This is a great watch- even if its solely to have more appreciation for the bloggers that bring YOU the great match-ups week after week! (Hmm, this sounds like a great opportunity to send a thankful email to the bloggers who impact your spending the most!!!)

PS: I'm most thankful to Bargains to Bounty and Coupon Crazy Chrys! Both of these ladies are great friends on and off line!


Becky C

One question...what motivates blog-writers to spend their time providing coupon match-ups for the rest of us? While I GREATLY appreciate their hard work (especially Bargains to Bounty and Coupon Crazy Chrys), I often wonder if these ladies make any money doing what they do. It's hard for me to imagine putting in all those hours without some sort of compensation.

Laura Webber

Many coupon match-up bloggers actually make some decent money... and they attract a lot of viewers with their hard work!

I personally don't sell advertising space on my blog, or have affiliate links with any companies like or anything, but in my limited understanding, here's the scoop:

If a blogger sells ad space on his/her blog, he/she will receive a certain amount of money per viewing of the blog- that's why blogger want you to visit their blog! The more views, the more money! Many bloggers will even offer ad space to 25-30 companies, which helps them to gain money for their hard work!

A blogger may also become an affiliate of a company. Lets use Amazon as an example. If I were an Amazon affiliate, I could post about products that I owned and like (or that I saw on sale online) and IF someone purchases an item through my 'link,' than I'd earn a commission payment.

Lastly, and fairly importantly, when you print a coupon from a blogger that has a direct link to print a coupon, that blogger earns money... so the more links that a blogger has to specifically affiliated companies, the larger sum of money that blogger is able to earn!

My advice is to print coupons from the blogs that offer you the best information... like loyalty to he/she who impacts your savings the most!

Coupon matching is an ART! I'm deeply grateful for the hours Jolyn and Chrys spend on my behalf, and I happily visit their sites first for printing!

Becky C

Thanks, Laura. Now it all makes sense.

Laura Webber

It does help to understand! I had a hard time figuring it out too!