Monday, May 3, 2010

Drug Store Deals: May 2nd Weekly Edition

THANK YOU Coupon Crazy Chrys for your drug store deal-ing coupon match-ups!

FREE Dawn, $.25 Warm Delights (Heidi???) & $.24 Colgate

$.50 Coffeemate (Heidi???), FREE Sure, $.24 Softsoap & Irish Spring body wash

Rite Aid:
FREE Cover Girl, FREE Nivea body wash & $.99 Bic Razors

Chrys is a local Detroit blogger who is a master of spending very little out of pocket at CVS, Walgreen's and Rite Aid- and she has graciously allowed me to link her drug store coupon match-ups with you each Monday... WOO HOO, thanks Chrys!!! Coupon Crazy Chrys is now available along my sidebar!



Oh girl you crack me up! Coffeemate - YES! Warm Delights - NO! They must be free or its not happening! :)

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

I am in love with the fact that Heidi got a shout out on your weekly drug store deals!!!! The bar has been set high for free warm delights man!!! ;)

Laura Webber

HAHA! I sure hope I didn't embarrass you Heidi (although Sarah may have..wink)! Too funny, these things totally remind me of you! Stop by and I'll give you a quarter and a coupon to buy a Warm Delight!


No, I am proud to get a shout out and it is no secret that I love my Coffeemate and Warm Delights!


Thanks for the heads up! I wanted to mention that my brother (owns his own Christian animation company) is having a 2nd giveaway for a preschool dvd called the Slug & Ant Show. We're just trying to get the word out! Come for a visit!


Sounds like I could be friends with Heidi... I LOVE my coffee mate and warm delights!! I have to hide the Warm Delights from Jonathan... :) If Heidi doesn't want your quarter and coupon, send them over to me, sis! ;)

Laura Webber

Yes Ma'am!