Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thought Provoking Thursday

I've mentioned this before, but the truth still remains the truth, I am a MUCH better cook since I began clipping coupons.

My parents are both very skilled in the kitchen (and on a BBQ), and I can only remember once during my growing up years, where dinner was inedible (red cabbage soup + kids = disaster!!!) and we went to McDonalds instead, but this memory still haunts me! I cringe at the thought of one of MY dinners be so bad that a greasy spoon would be a far better alternative!

Slowly and steadily, over the years, I have added to my 'tried and true' (AKA: cannot possibly fail) recipe collection. I have go-to recipes for parties, perfect recipes for a dinner party, excellent last minute dinner recipes, great snack recipes... classics, if you will, and boy do I have friends and family fooled into thinking that I am a wonderful cook... wink!

Some of the best places to start accruing easy and inexpensive recipes, are by looking on the packages of items that you've purchased (shredded cheese package recipes usually look yummy), magazines are often chock full of quick dinner ideas, and even the coupon section of the Sunday paper typically features a recipe or two per week!

I used to think that companies that featured recipes beside their products were just trying to push their products (yep, they are obviously doing that too), but I've come to appreciate that this pushy form of advertising actually places fresh meal ideas at my fingertips!

Companies must truly believe that a recipe will be delicious every single time that it is prepared to risk promoting the use of their beloved product inside a given recipe! Have you noticed the famous Campbell's Green Bean casserole recipe splashed on the page beside the Campbell's coupons around the holidays? Have you ever tasted a bad Green Bean casserole?

So when I'm feeling at a loss of "what's for dinner Mom?" or stuck in the 'same old/same old' dinner rut, I can pull out my stash of little clipped recipes (yep, I LOVE little clipped pieces of paper... double wink!) and find something that's new, easy and almost guaranteed to be tasty!

Do YOU ever try magazine/newspaper recipes? Have a tried and true 'family favorite' recipe to share?

PS: I have to thank my friend Paula, the blog author of Monroe on a Budget! Yesterday, Paula posted that her dinner would include corn bread and I asked for the recipe. Paula shared 'her' recipe, which was straight off the back of her package!


Staying Lean

Great points! Noodles packages are great as well! My husband always brags about what I wonderful cook I am (partially because his mom didn't cook all that much) and partially because half of my recipes are straight off of packages. I don't do it as often as I should but I too clip from Home Made Simple All You and all types of mags to get recipes.


My VERY tried-and-true meatloaf recipe that we all love came out of the lid to the Quaker oatmeal canister. It's been an oatmeal cookie recipe for years (they really need to change it!) so this was the recipe prior to the oatmeal cookie recipe that's there now. I'm sure you can look it up's delicious! I always make two meatloaves and save one for the next night.


Becky C

I am notorious for clipping recipes and then never trying them. But last night I made Pasta with Tomatoes Basil & Chicken, a recipe from a recent Kroger coupon home mailer. It was yummy!

Paula Wethington

Thanks for the mention! I do have a cookbook shelf where I shove all the tearsheets of recipes I'd like to try. About once every six months, I weed out the pile : )


I love trying new recipes. I use ones from the newspaper, magazines, blogs, websites and yes the coupon flyer:) Lets face it, it's hard to beat the cookie recipe on the back of the Toll House bag!

Laura Webber

Oh.. so TRUE!


I was looking in my cupboard one night and noticed a receipe on the back of a Bisquick box and realized due to this type of shopping all the ingredients were already in the house so I made it for dinner versus pancakes.

Laura Webber

Tammy, that's awesome!


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