Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Price Matching at Target

In case you have yet to try to price match at Target, and you've got some hesitation moving into uncharted territory (especially is you shop at a coupon- hating location, such as myself!), Kerry who blogs at Totally Target has written this fantastic article to help you navigate your way! Thanks Kerry!

PS: Kerry's blog name, like totally reminds me of like, the 80's... uh, yeah!

Have YOU ever price matched at Target? I have twice, and I find it kind of a hassle, but worth the savings.


Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

I've price matched a handful of times. The last time was for the All Detergent that was on sale at Big Lots. It was the easiest experience so far, and totally worth it for $.50 detergent!

Laura Webber

Yep, that was the only other price match that I've done! That was worth it!


I thought it was only me that the Target in Farmington hated. LOL I try not to shop there unless I have to... to bad it is so close. :O( I have found the Commerce and the Novi Targets to be way easier to use coupons at. :O) Thanks for all your hard work.

Mom to Alexa, Elyse and *Audrey*

Hey Laura - quick question - would they only let you price match the ones pictured in the ad? I have coupons for Apple Jacks but it's not in the picture on the Walgreens ad. Thanks :)


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